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The standard membership on Pagan Dating is free. That means that you can create a profile, contact members, have a blog, be part of groups, post on the forum, use the chat, audio-video chat and Pagan Dating instant messenger for free.


The only fees that are required are if you wish to have an online store to sell things, or advertise your website in a link format.


The Gold membership allows you to open an online store and post ads (classifieds). The Platinum membership allows you to advertise your website in a link format. The Diamond membership allows you to do both. The cost i$2.00.month for the Gold or Platinum membership, and $3.50 for the Diamond one - with discounts if you purchase more than one month


Joining/updating profile


When you join, after you fill up whatever you fill comfortable with (or feel like it) in the joining page - or when you want to update your profile, you click save and... nothing happens. Why?


Because some of the fields there are mandatory. In order for the search matchmaking engine to work, it needs to search through the fields to come up with results. If there is nothing in the field, the profile will not even come up in a search result, so it would be useless to even join. On the other hand, though, if you do not put any information in that field, you will receive as matches everybody who DID fill in information in that field (it happens with members who did not update their profile after the last website upgrade). That is why those fields were made mandatory.The profile will not save until those fields have information put in. Scroll back up and look on the right side of the fields for a small red "stop" sign. That means you need to type something in there. The blue sign with a question mark in it that is also on the right side of the field, if you click on it, will tell you what information you need to enter.




You can upload photos in two different sections:


a. Avatar: that is the photo that appears as a thumbnail whenever you write something in the forum, on someone's wall, etc. To update your avatar photo, go to "Dashboard" (the small icon like an odometer on the top menu) and from the drop-down menu select "Avatar". That is where you upload your avatar. You can choose between a generic avatar (site generated) and a customized avatar (one of your own photos). We suggest you upload one of your photos - profiles with generic avatars do not have as much success as the ones with customized avatars.


b. Photo albums: You can create your own photo albums. Click on the little silhouette icon on the top menu and from the drop-down menu select "Photos". Once on that page, look on the right-hand side for a tab line with "Main" "Add" "manage". Click on "Add" to create a new album. Click on "Manage" to upload more photos to a specific album. When you add photos to an album, please make sure you select the proper method of uploading, from the "Choose uploader" drop-down menu. We suggest you choose "Regular" as it is the simplest method.




You can upload music by clicking on the little silhouette icon on the top menu and from the drop-down menu select "Sounds". The rest is exactly like you would upload a photo as explained above.




You can upload music by clicking on the little silhouette icon on the top menu and from the drop-down menu select "Videos". You can do the same as for photos and music above. To add videos from other websites (Like Youtube and Google videos) from the "Choose uploader" drop-down menu, select "Embed".




For our members who already have a myspace profile, customized with the new profile version, customization of the profile here shouldn't pose any problem.


For our members who don't have a myspace profile, here it is:


Go to your profile (the tab on top that has a little human silhouette).


Scroll down and look on the left hand side of the page for a button saying "customize profile". A customization box will open ABOVE your profile (right below the top menu tabs).


There you can choose between themes (first option) or go directly to the "background", "fonts", "borders" choices to the right. I have created a few themes that are in the "shared themes"(drop down menu from "themes".


Now, in each of these options (background, fonts, borders) there is a drop-down menu to the left to select which portion of your profile you want to customize. After you select the colors, sizes, etc. click on "preview". If you don't like it, click "reset" and choose something else. Once you are done and you like he way your profile page looks like, click on the "save" button. If you want to share the theme of your profile, click on the "publish" button, name your theme and upload a thumbnail.


There is a post and a video in the "Troubleshooting and Tech Support" in the forums that you can look at to have a better grasp of how it's done.


You will also see that your profile (same as your photos, videos and blogs) has the possibility to set it "private", or "friends only". The profile also has rating, that means which others can rate your profile and if you get enough votes your profile will appear in the first places on the list of Top members. It also has a profile comments section, a comments wall (similar to facebook).


You can upload photos, videos and music, and create your on albums. Also, if you have posted an event, once the event is over, you can edit it and add any videos or photos from the event - if it is an annual event, people can get a feeling of how the event is, and might come to your next event.


Instant messenger


Pagan Dating has it's own instant messenger (similar to yahoo messenger), so you don't have to be logged on the website all the time just to see who's online. You can download the Pagan Dating instant messenger if you go to the homepage, scroll down, and look on the left-hand column for "Downloads". You can find there "Desktop App" - that's the instant messenger. In order for the IM to work, you need to also download the "Adobe Air application - you can see it comes both for Windows and for Mac, so make sure you select the proper download. The Adobe Air application i necessary in order to use the private audio/video chat in the IM.




Pagan Dating might seem a little bit redundant in what concerns chatting: there are 4 types of chats.


1. the shoutbox in the homepage.


2. the regular messaging in the website - look at the taskbar on the bottom of the screen - there you receive notifications about friends, inbox messages, and also invites to chat.


3. the instant messenger.


4. the chat room - there you can hang out in the lounge, or you can create your own chat rooms - and even make them invite only and password protected.


The Instant messenger and the chat room offer you the possibility to go in audio/video chat.




There are three types of searches. If you go in "people" and you select "search" from the drop down menu (or from the tab once you have clicked "people"), a search screen will open. On the right top corner, above the search fields, you will see "Simple" (that is the default that opens), "Adv" - that means advanced) and "Quick". Obviously, the "simple" search will have more fields to search by than the "Quick" one, and the "Adv" will have more than the "Simple" one.


To add more than one variable to the search field (the same as on other sites you'd hold down Ctrl while clicking on the selections to do a multiple select) here you click on the little green "plus" sign on the right of the respective field. On the second selection that opens underneath,, select the second variant you want. Keep adding selections by clicking the plus sign until you added all you want to look for (example, single, divorced, separated).


The age range is selected by moving the cursor (right underneath the type of profile, single or couple) from the left and the right until you get the age range you are looking for.


Mobile phone apps


To download apps for either Iphone or Android Look for the links on the Homepage.


Temporarily suspending your account


If you have found someone that you think might be a good match for you, and want to stop interacting in the Pagan Dating website for a while, but do not wish to cancel your account, simply go to your Dashboard (the dashboard icon on the top menu), select "Account home" from the drop-down menu, then look on the left-hand side for "Profile Status" and click on "Suspend". If the match is not working, you can come later and re-activate your account.


Cancelling/Deleting your account


You can delete your account at anytime by going to your Dashboard (the dashboard icon on the top menu), selecting "my membership" from the drop-down menu and then selecting "Unregister" from the top menu.




Pagan Dating only supports paypal as means of selling for now. You can sell either items by opening your own store (like on etsy) or sell tickets for various events. For this you need to go to "Dashboard" and then select the "payments" tab. Fill in with your settings (email, etc) BEFORE posting anything for sale.There is no commission withdrawn by Pagan Dating from the amounts you receive.The paypal system is set so that it will allow people to pay even if they don't have a paypal account - just by using their credit/debit card.


Selling items in the Pagan Dating store system requires a Gold membership - $2/month if paid monthly, lower if more months are purchased at a time. See in "Membership" in your dashboard the prices (0 in the days field means life-time)


Posting Events


You can post events for free in the "Events" area of Pagan Dating. Make sure you enter the full information about the event - location, person of contact, email, and any other means of contact. If you don't have a website dedicated specifically for this event or your website you can use the Pagan Dating system to sell tickets - just make sure you have entered your information in the "Payments" as stated in the above paragraph.


Posting ads (classifieds)


The selling/buying feature acts almost like an auction. If you post an item, people can click the "buy" or "sell" button and you receive a notification instantly. Also, puts the item on hold so you don't get too many buyers/sellers for the same item. Requires a Gold or Diamond membership.




Advertising a website as link requires a Platinum membership - $2/month if paid monthly, lower if more months are purchased at a time. See in "Membership" in your dashboard the prices (0 in the days field means life-time).


Advertising a website as a banner, please see the "Advertising" tab.


Tech support


There is a board in the forums, and you can also contact me. Even if I am usually online (and online on the Pagan Dating Instant Messenger as well) most of the day, please allow up to 24 hours for me to reply.

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