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Is Pagan Dating free?
Yes, Pagan Dating has a free membership, that allows you to enjoy being part of this wonderful community. That is right, FULL FEATURED MEMBERSHIP! That means that you can enjoy features of the website, having your own customized profile (similar to myspace), embed youtube videos, have a photo album, etc. You will have to pay a minimal fee if you want to contact other members, get in our audio-video chat, or have a blog and participate in the forums.
However, there are a few rules: once you register, you MUST fill a complete profile within 3 days of registration. If we understand that some people register "just to check things out", three days is plenty enough. After that, if you do not have a profile with all the fields required by the matchmaking system filled out, you will loose your membership. A profile that doesn't have a birth date entered will be deleted in 24 hrs.
You have a week to activate your profile. That means that you must verify that the email you used is a correct and valid one by clicking the link provided in the verification email you will receive after registering. If your profile is not verified within 7 days, it will be deleted.
Also, if you do not log in for three consecutive months, that means you are not interested anymore to meet someone, and your account will be deleted. You can set your account on "temporary suspended" if you met someone and want to wait and see how things work out.
There are only minor fees that are required: in case you want your profile to be "featured" and appear on the first page of Pagan Dating as well as on member's profiles, you need to purchase a "Featured member" option; if you want to open an online store and sell items; and if you want to advertise.
I have issues joining, I fill in information but the page comes back the same?
Scroll back up and look on the right side of the fields for a small red "stop" sign. That means you need to type something in there. The blue sign with a question mark in it that is also on the right side of the field, if you click on it, will tell you what information you need to enter.
I cannot enter my birth date, what is going on?
You either have pop-ups blocked in your browser, or you are trying to access this section of the site from a cell phone without downloading the application for it. Please see the home page.
I have issues accessing the website from my cell phone.
See above. Go to the home page and download the app for your type of cell phone. Look on the left column of the page.
Can I customize my profile?
Yes you can do that from your "edit profile page". Change fonts, color, background picture and text styles.
Your profile questions are more than I'm used to, why?
Our website uses a pretty advanced matchmaking system in order to give you the best matches. The more of the fields you fill up, the more chances are for you to find someone who matches your preferences.
I filled up what I was comfortable with at this time, but my profile doesn't get saved, why?
Some of the fields are system-mandatory, like your birth date, your sex, country, etc. If after clicking the "save" button nothing happens and your profile doesn't get saved, look for the little red signs on the right-hand side of the fields: they show it's a mandatory field.
I registered a few days ago and when I came back and tried to login, I get the message that username or password aren't recognized, why?
When you registered, you received an automated e-mail containing an activation link that you had to click on. If you do not activate your account by clicking on that link within three days from registration, your account gets deleted. This is a security measure against spam. Make sure after you register to check your spam folders in your inbox, if you don't see the activation e-mail in your regular inbox.
My profile doesn't show up on searches, why?
You did not enter your birth date. This is an adult-only website, so profiles that do not have a birth date entered, will not even be shown on the list of members. So even if you have a nice profile, with photos and a nice background and lots of information about you, if your birth date is missing, your profile will not show up.
Can I change my email address and other information?
Yes you can by clicking "Profile" then the "Edit" button on the left hand side of the page, under your friends list and then changing what you need changed. You can keep your profile fresh and up to date this way.
What are Tags?
Tags are single descriptive words that are then used by the system to find you. These words are turned into links so people can click them to find you.
Can I upload nude photos?
Yes, you can upload artistic nudes as long as they are not obscene, pornographic, or in any way infringing the Terms of Service of Pagan Dating. We like to think that being Pagan holds our views a little bit more relaxed when it comes to the human body beauty.
Do you release info on members?
Never! We will never disclose any information on members to any party for any reason. You are safe here. Check our Privacy Statement for more information.
What is the member interaction you offer on this website?
Besides the usual "Private mail" system, we offer several other types of interaction. There is a general "shoutbox" chat on the front page, then an audio-video public chat function, a private instant messaging system (MY presence) that acts like Yahoo Messenger would, for example, and a private messaging in the A/V chat. On top of that, in the public A/V chat you can create your own private rooms, and even have them password-protected, so only your friends can come in. There is also a forum, a Group creation, a "comments wall" a "profile comments", favorites, top members, and a "friends network" system. We hope all these features will greatly enhance your online dating/networking experience.
Where can I get support services?
Please contact me (Day). I am usually online on the Pagan Dating Instant Messenger. Or just click the "Contact Us" link.
How do I know if someones online?
You will see a little light bulb in the top right of a members image and if its on, they are on!. You can also check the Members/Online links or the instant messenger.
How do I suspend my account so I don't get contacted by members for a while?
You can suspend your account at anytime going to your Dashboard (the dashboard icon on the top menu), selecting "Account home" from the drop-down menu, then look on the left-hand side for "Profile Status" and click on "Suspend".
How do I delete my account?
You can delete your account at anytime by going to your Dashboard (the dashboard icon on the top menu), selecting "my membership" from the drop-down menu and then selecting "Unregister" from the top menu.
Q: Who can use Pagan Dating?
A: Pagan Dating can be used by anyone who follows a religion that falls under the general term of “Pagan”, with respect to the ”Terms of Use” of this website. Even if we do not condone any animosity towards Christian or any other Abrahamic-type religion, there are plenty of online dating websites out there that can fulfill their needs. We would prefer to keep this one for pagans only, and do not encourage any non-pagan to subscribe, as it would only create animosity. Honestly, we do not even HAVE in the profile registration any features that are not tailored for pagans only.
Q: What type of Membership do you offer?
A: We offer a fully free membership, with full access to all the contents and functionalities of this website. The only fee required on Pagan Dating is if you want your profile to be "Featured" (on the first page of Pagan Dating as well as in member's profiles), if you want to sell items, or if you want to advertise.
Q: I have some suggestions about improvements on the website, or features that I think members would enjoy. How can I contact you about them?
A: There is a Forum section that has this exact functionality. Or, simply, use the "Feedback" section or “contact us” link.
Q: Why do I have to put in my Username and a valid email?
A: For your protection. First of all, without a valid email, when you register, your account will never get activated. In order to avoid spam bots, and other "nasties", a verification e-mail is sent to the email you registered with, containing an activation link you need to click on. Second, if later on, you forget your password, you can ask for it to be re-sent to your e-mail. Without a valid e-mail, you will never re-gain control of your account. It is for your own protection. Do not worry, you will not receive any spam from us, neither do we collect or sell email lists. We only send out weekly an email with the latest members who have registered on the site - and you can opt out of this if you so choose.
Q: I have some complaints. How can I contact someone about that?
A: Please read the Terms of Use. If your type of complaint is not already in those terms, please use the “contact us” link.
Q: How can I advertise on your website?
A: Just use the "Advertise with Us" link.
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