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If you have any problems or questions with our site usage, feel free to contact us.

As soon as you are registered and your profile is approved, please upload your Real pictures to have better chances to find someone you are looking for. You can use as Avatar one of the standard avatars on the website, or another image of your choice, but it is advisable to use a real photo in your photo album(s). You can set those photos to private so only members you give permissions to can see them. But you shouldn't worry - your profile can be seen only by members. ONLY THE AVATAR PRIMARY PICTURE CAN BE SEEN BY NON_MEMBERS.

Pagan Dating is not responsible if you provide any strangers with your personal contact details in messages and/or chat.Just please do not provide any personal information in your profile (email, phone no, address, URL to other online profiles you have, personal pages, stores, etc). It is against Pagan Dating policy and your profile might get banned.

Please report members who are trying to scam you who say they need your help, for instance, to transfer money from Africa or other third world countries to your bank account.

Do not send other sites links or you could be considered a spammer and banned from this site. Also, do not send repeatedly messages to the same person if you see they do not reply. It will be considered harassment and it might get you banned.

Be polite and respectful of other members of this community.

If English isn't your native language, don't be upset if others cannot understand you. You will find friends who speak your language as well, but try to use mostly English.
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