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About Us
The people behind Pagan Dating are, of course, pagans, based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.
I am the owner of Pagan Dating and you might have met me in various Pagan communities - my "screen name" is Seachain Aroon a.k.a. Day. If you are interested to know more about me, you can visit my personal Website.
Pagan Dating has been created after several months of work, and after observing that there is not, really, on the internet, a dating website that would be dedicated exclusively to Pagans, and at the same time would have all the new professional features that the top online dating websites have.
Lots of magic work is going on at all times, for the members of Pagan Dating to find their Significant Other, a friend, a spouse, or whatever they are seeking for.
I have worked on offering all this, and at the same time, we are offering the full-features of this exclusively Pagan online dating - what you can get from the top online dating websites without a fee.
The only fees that are charged are for advertising and for selling - and even then, the fees are minimal.
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